1. Sand Canyon Trail Interpretive Hikes (Available all year)

Enjoy a half-day, 3/4-day, or full-day hike in Canyons of the Ancients’ premier archaeological district. Learn from your knowledgeable guide about the history of the Ancestral Pueblo people who inhabited the Four Corners region. The Sand Canyon District contains numerous alcove (cliff dwelling) sites where people lived from approximately A.D. 1100-1285, just before they migrated […]

2. Petroglyphs and Time Depth Interpretive Tour (Available all year)

Hike and climb through time in an arid terrain that people have called home for centuries. This area holds some of the most intriguing rock art in Southwest Colorado. We can never know the true meaning of these petroglyphs, but we can appreciate the symbols left behind. Find the secret passage to the top of […]

3. Lowry Community Half-Day Tour (Available all year)

So much more to Lowry Pueblo National Historic Landmark than meets the eye! Begin your tour at the pueblo to discover what was happening on a regional level when this structure was initiated during the great Chaco era. Your guide will bring to light the many remodeling episodes and how the Great House was formed. […]

4. Painted Hand Pueblo Community Half-Day Tour (Available all year)

Hike in to visit one of Southwest Colorado’s most photographed and celebrated pueblos! This moderately sized community, complete with tower and rock art, exemplifies gathering places of the Pueblo III time period. The Ancestral Pueblo people aggregated into large communities with public architecture that included towers, D-shaped structures, great kivas, and more. This talus village […]

5. Panoramic Monument Tour (Available all year)

When you have one full day to get the full picture of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, this is the tour for you! Meet your guide at Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center and Museum (CAVM) for an in-depth guided tour of the museum and two 11th century pueblos on the grounds. Your guide […]

6. Family Opportunities (Families with children ages 5-13; available all year)

Looking for half-day activities to engage the whole family? Our three Family Opportunities mix learning and fun! Connect with your children while learning about the past through activities tailor-made for your family. Activities listed below are age-dependent, so be sure to let us know who will be included in the fun! Prices are the same […]

7. Dolores County Adventure Interpretive Hike (Available August 1-January 31)

Explore the northernmost parts of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. Your guide will lead you to seldom visited sites of remarkable density. Learn from your knowledgeable guide about the history of the Ancestral Pueblo people who inhabited the Four Corners region. How did these people utilize the geology, plant and animal life, and water […]

8. Burro Canyon Hike (Available August 1-January 31)

Begin at Sand Canyon Pueblo, where your guide will share this expansive canyon-head community and how the Ancestral Pueblo people lived in the years just prior to their mass migration to the south. From there, hike over to view how the Ancestral Pueblo reservoir water retention system worked. Continue your hike to see towers, alcove […]

10. Lowry Community All Day Extravaganza (Available August 1-January 31)

Meet your guide at Lowry Pueblo for an exhilarating day of hiking and maneuvering cliffs as you view and learn about many places of the past. Appreciate the centuries of architecture. Marvel at the rock art signifying winter solstice. Visit an historic honeymoon cabin.  Interpretive hike with information on Visit with Respect, Leave No Trace, […]