Explore the northernmost parts of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

Your guide will lead you to seldom visited sites of remarkable density. Learn from your knowledgeable guide about the history of the Ancestral Pueblo people who inhabited the Four Corners region. How did these people utilize the geology, plant and animal life, and water sources to not only survive but to thrive in this high-desert area? What can we learn about their culture from the architecture left behind?

Interpretive hike with information on Visit with Respect, Leave No Trace, Ancestral Pueblo culture, botany, biology, archaeology.

  • Guide will meet participants at Dove Creek Superette to lead to parking area for hiking or cycling.
  • Distance: 4.5-5 miles+
  • Suggested time: 6+ hours
  • Cost: $350 for up to 4 people, additional $40 per person over 4
  • Participants responsible for lunch/water/snacks
  • Difficulty: Challenging with navigating trail-less areas, rocky, steep inclines


7. Dolores County Adventure Interpretive Hike (Available August 1-January 31)