You and your guide will navigate the rough and trail-less terrain to experience Southwest Colorado WSA at its finest.

Encounter pristine native vegetation, tracks of wildlife and, of course, numerous Ancestral Pueblo sites. How were they able to navigate these areas wearing sandals that we, today, require boots? How were they able to construct amazing structures on boulders and cliffs that survive even today? Your guide will answer these questions and more when you walk on the wild side!

  • Interpretive hike with information on Visit with Respect, Leave No Trace, Ancestral Pueblo culture, botany, biology, archaeology.
  • Guide will meet participants at Round-up Junction to lead to hiking area
  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Suggested time: 6-8 hours
  • Cost: $285 for up to 4 people, additional $35 per person over 4
  • Participants responsible for lunch/water/snacks
  • Difficulty: Challenging with maneuvering cliff access and moving through brush; there are undefined social/animal trails to follow in some areas.


9. Walk on the Wild Side - Cross Canyon Wilderness Study Area (WSA) Hike (Available August 1-January 31)