Hike and climb through time in an arid terrain that people have called home for centuries. This area holds some of the most intriguing rock art in Southwest Colorado. We can never know the true meaning of these petroglyphs, but we can appreciate the symbols left behind.

Find the secret passage to the top of the mesa where you will see how the Ancestral Pueblo people built their villages before stone masonry. Down below, witness a castle on a boulder and a dam to create a reservoir when the drought became significant. How can we learn from their past endeavors for our changing world?

Optional: Finish your day with wine tasting at a local vineyard or head back to Cortez an enjoy a tasty treat at a restaurant suggested by your guide. (This trip dovetails nicely with a half-day tour of Sand Canyon at a 10% discount!)

  • Interpretive hike with information on Visit with Respect, Leave No Trace, Ancestral Pueblo culture, botany, biology, archaeology.
  • Guide will meet participants at new Sand Canyon parking area, Road G, to travel to hiking area.
  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Suggested Time: 4-5 hours.
  • Cost: $270 for up to 4 people, additional $30 per person over 4
  • Participants responsible for water/snacks, etc.
  • Difficulty: challenging with maneuvering steep cliff access, moving through brush. Undefined social/animal trails.

2. Petroglyphs and Time Depth Interpretive Tour (Available all year)