Sharlyn Sanchez: Spirit Keepers
Saturday, April 29th | 11 am
Cortez Cultural Center

SCCA’s Cultural Site Stewardship Program, in partnership with the Cortez Cultural Center, is excited to present Acoma potter, Sharlyn Sanchez, on Saturday, April 29th for her “spirit keepers” class at 11 am at the Cortez Cultural Center.

Sharlyn will demonstrate Clay Sculptures representing “Chacoan Cocoa Cylinders” They can be worn around the neck and keep tiny treasures close. In this hands-on workshop you’ll get to make your own!

If you’d like to participate in the hands on workshop portion of either presentation, check the box for the hands on workshop when you register.

Participation in the hands-on workshops is limited to 10 people. There will be space for approximately 20 additional people to watch the presentation. Once the class fills, we will keep a waiting list.