Our 2022 Annual Report is here!

SCCA saw numerous changes and transitions in 2022. We said farewell to our previous Executive Director, Shaine Gans, our Associate Director, Diane McBride, took a step back from administrative duties to focus on managing the Cultural Site Stewardship program and we welcomed Markleigh Swanson as our new Executive Director. We also said goodbye to Board Member, Chris Barns. We no longer manage the Wilderness Study Area or Trail Information Specialist volunteers but we are still helping to recruit and train volunteers on behalf of the BLM. And Tours by SCCA were put on hold indefinitely. 

We are grateful to all of our supporters for staying with us through these changes and helping us to accomplish all that we did in 2022. Thank you for supporting SCCA in all the ways that you do!

We’ve got big plans for 2023 but more on that later. For now, read the annual report to see what you helped us achieve in 2022. Click the link below to read our Annual Report.

SCCA 2022 Annual Report